July Fun Ideas For the Weekend



bartaco mosaic

Well y’all I’m headed down to NC for some family time and college visits, and I’m reminded of how much I enjoyed bartaco last time I went to Asheville.  I hear there’s one in Mosaic now and it sounds like the same lively ambiance, hip decor, and yummy cocktails as the one I know .   I believe they offer sweet tea, too, and of course I’m going to recommend the pork belly tacos, although I’m sure fish tacos would be a strong move too. Open until midnight on the weekends. See their website here.

Breeze Bakery

Oh my gosh it’s so hot you may need a bed of shaved ice to keep your ice cream scoop from melting.  Wait, that’s a thing!  And you can get it in Annandale.  They call it Bing Soo, the fun and delicious dessert that features shaved ice and yummy gelato, with toppings of your choice.  Toppings include fresh fruit, dried coconut etc, and for some reason almost always includes Frosted Flakes.  Of course you can get a sprinkling of red beans, too.  You really should try it out.

Atrium Cafe

Maybe you’ve stopped into one of the seven Atrium Cafes in DC, but now you can get that same quick and good service here in Virginia at their new location in Virginia Square.  This asian-inspired cafe  serves American favorites too, and is a great spot for fueling up before you head into town for whatever adventures await…. they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus juice, coffee, smoothies, wine and saki.  People are making a big deal about the poke bowls at this location too.  This could be a key stop to feed the whole family!  Open 10-8 on Saturday, 10-5 on Sunday.

Quality Cuts

Springfield Butcher

It’s Father’s Day and that means it’s time to fire up the grill!!  Why not head down to the Springfield Butcher and pick up something special?  Their meat selection is huge and they will often have aged prime beef ready to cook.  I’ve worked with them before on a special-occasion cut and they couldn’t be any nicer.  Insider tip from one of my favorite grillers: “Don’t mess with the crab cakes… it’s a meat place for a reason!”  Be sure to grab a number when you walk in.

Luke’s Lobster

Let’s just go ahead and agree that you need a lobster roll at least once every summer. This casual lobster shack imports super-tasty, fresh and sustainable seafood from the local farmers of the Northeast, and then stuffs it into a perfect bun and serves it with a little bucket of melted butter.  OMG!  They have craft brew beers too.  Luke’s is in Georgetown and Penn Quarter, but if you get to choose your location, head to Penn Quarter…  it’s one of the few Luke’s shacks to carry their ice cream sandwich – be sure to ask for it!

Capital Laughs at Cafe St. Ex

As our friends over at Capital Laughs say, “It’s Thursday.  It’s practically the damn weekend.”  Don’t wait another minute to start the fun!  These guys invite you over to Cafe St. Ex on 14th Street to have a drink and some laughs.  If you can’t get going as early as tonight, don’t worry because there is free comedy every Sunday night as well.  Saint-Ex is worth the trip in itself…a neighborhood stronghold for 15 years that serves up gourmet burgers, mussels, pastas, and more. Throw in some free comedy and you’ve got yourself a tourist-worthy outing. Check the website for more opportunities to see DC’s best comics “sixish” nights a week.

Unconventional Diner

This all-day diner in Shaw is chic and sophisticated; not exactly a diner but it is definitely unconventional!  People rave about the twists they put on traditional dishes like fried chicken and meatloaf, and of their creative ways with veggies.   If you’re headed out for a big day in the museums, it could be a great place to start:  the breakfast counter opens at 7:30 on weekdays and 10:30 am on weekends.  Try the duck corned beef and get back to me… is it duck or beef?  We need to know.

Walking Tours

Of course every trip to DC kind of feels like a walking tour, but there are tons of “actual” tours out there, and you could even learn some things you didn’t know before!  Consider the historical walking tour that focuses on urban planning, design & architecture  through DC Design Tours, or check out the one-man-guide Tim Stewart (Walk of the Town), who leads walking tours several times a week.

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  1. The ‘Weenie Beenie” has been around for years and people say they have the best chili dog!!!

  2. Anna, you crack me up!!! I live the idea of the museum, and Jammin Java (Gabe’s AJA jazz band played there). But the weenie Beenie….mmmm, maybe a good way to loose a little weight before the beach. Guaranteed to clean you out!! Love these posts. Thank you.

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