How Do You Downsize: Summer Shoes



How Do you Downsize….

Do you dream of downsizing?  I have to admit, now that a kid-free home is on the not-so-distant horizon, I like to think about the possibilities of the future.  However, dreams of travel or carefree living are usually paired with feelings of dread about the process.  What are we going to do with all of this stuff?

In my business, I partner with dozens of professional organizers, movers, handymen, accountants, and other specialists to help my clients through their downsizing projects with minimum stress.  Today I’m starting a new feature on my blog that will offer tips, tricks and insights from these professionals to help all of us to slowly but surely get a handle on our stuff.

OK let’s get warmed up with an easy one, shall we?

Summer Shoes

Are you working on changing out your summer and fall wardrobes?  It will just take a few minutes to pull aside all of the summer shoes you didn’t wear this year.  Ideally, you should release the whole bunch of them, but if that seems too drastic, select at least half of the unworn pairs for trash or donation.  I mean, it did rain half the summer.  Either way, be sure the shoes you keep are clean and in good condition before you spend valuable storage space on them.

Yes, this same principle applies to clothing.  By all means go nuts if you have the energy!  If not, just focus on the shoes… it won’t take long and it’s definitely a step in the right direction.


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