March Fun Ideas for the Weekend

“The Skater” detail


Taylor Gourmet for Beef and Cheese on Bread

When’s the last time you had a good Cheesesteak?  I didn’t know of a favorite spot around here but I had heard that Taylor Gourmet is the place to go… THEN I read that Taylor Gourmet now has a double stack cheeseBURGER that tastes a lot like a cheesesteak!  Is there any downside in this scenario?  Save your craving for dinner, though;  they start serving the burgers after 4:00.


The Block in Annandale for Korean Food Court

You know about the Block, right?  Its a neat little food court in Annandale, in the same strip as Kmart.  I went recently with a friend and had some fried beef thingys with fresh basil that were off the hook!  The vendors offer a variety of hot food, poke, SnoCream, coffee/tea, booze, the whole thing; with a really fun mix of all kinds of people.  It’s loud, but the flavors are big and it’s a very hip scene.  Definitely worth a stop!


Rhodeside Grill for No One You Know

Who doesn’t love a 70’s and 80’s cover band?  No one I know, for sure.  The band No One You Know is playing at Rhodeside Grill in Arlington on Friday, and they promise to play the songs you know.  They have some super fun videos on their website,  and they go on at 9:00.


KYO Gallery for Abstract Art

Did you know that I am an artist as well as an awesome realtor?  I’m super excited about the show opening tonight (Thursday) at KYO gallery, mostly because I’m crazy about the other painters who are in the show!  We’ve had a great time putting together, and are looking forward to celebrating tonight from 6:30 to 8:30   The exhibit runs for the month of March, so you can stop by any time this month.



Living the Pie Life

There’s something about a giant neon sign that says “PIE” that sets my heart a-flutter.  Since  this place is right around the corner from my office in Arlington, I am tempted to stop there all of the time!  Stop in for a slice and a cup of coffee, or you can order whole sweet or savory pies in advance.  These pies are oh-so-good and they make great hostess gifts too!


Society Fair

Society Fair in Alexandria describes itself as a “lifestyle food market” that offers “a festival of palate alluring acts; a Bakery, Butchery, Market, Wine Bar, Demo Kitchen”.  I was looking for some swaggy groceries for a nice dinner in, but then I noticed that they have a fun special on Fridays:  They make a nice dinner for two that includes dinner, dessert and wine, and you just pick it up after 4:00.  The options on are their website and they look divine!  It’s advisable to order ahead.


Old School Pool

Cue Club Cafe in Annandale

Could be another indoor weekend… for a fun night of games and a lively bar scene, why not pop into the Cue Club?  I was actually a little surprised at how much the yelpers like it. They speak highly of the well-maintained pool tables, dart boards, and the friendly bar staff.  Order some classic bar food and of course, because it’s in Annandale, you can get Bulgogi too! 


Spend Some Time in the Garden

Westover Market Beer Garden

OK so you’re just ready to be outside no matter what.  When’s the last time you went to the Westover Beer Garden?  They have an outdoor patio with heaters and nightly bon fires.  With craft brews on tap and outdoor TVs, it could be a fine choice for tournament-watching this weekend.


March 17/18

Find some fun this weekend with a look back at 80’s culture, St. Patrick’s Day festivities, and an opportunity to “take the cannoli..”


Field Trip

The Hirshhorn

When’s the last time you went to the Hirshhorn?  There are two really exciting exhibits going on there right now… One is an “alternative history of art in the 1980’s” illustrated by “advertising, logos, and products” from the era.  Especially fun for people with clear memories of the 80’s.  The other one is a 400 foot long installation piece by Mark Bradford, a Los Angeles artist who transforms a nineteenth century  cyclorama depicting the final battle of Gettysburg into 8 immense abstract images. I saw photos in the Post and it looks super cool! Open Daily 10-5:30.


March Madness in Merrifield

The games have begun! You may want to settle in at Open Road in Merrifield… they plan to serve $5 nachos and $20 buckets of select beers while tournament games are on, plus they’re having a St. Patrick’s Day Party at 4:00 on Saturday.   Blackfinn also promises running drink specials through the entire tournament in addition to their normal happy hour specials Monday – Friday.  


St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

Where to go for a traditional Irish Pub this weekend?  Try O’Sullivan’s in Clarendon for Irish Dancers and live music on Saturday.   Not up for a crowd?  You could also pay tribute to the Irish by raising a cup of mead, known to the ancient Celtics as the “Nectar of the Gods”.  Choose from 10 varieties at the Home Brew Store in Falls Church.


Authentic Italian

Ristorante Bonaroti

Having recently watched all three “Godfather”s with our boys, we now have a hankering for an old-school Italian restaurant.  Ristorante Bonaroti in Vienna is straight out of central casting, as they say, and the food is exactly what you would want it to be.  Ask about the chef’s specials;  they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse!


March 24/25

Ahh, March.  So fickle.  But it can’t stop us from celebrating the first weekend of  Spring, and of Spring Break for many of you.  If you’re sticking around town, try out these authentic foreign specialties right here in our own back yard!


German Gourmet

Here’s the move:  stop by the German Gourmet, pick out some imported (and darling!) chocolate easter bunnies and marzipan duckies for your baskets.  You can order a hearty homemade sandwich or bratwurst for lunch, and have them wrap up some pate for your happy hour later (the Goose Mousse is divine!). 


Yayla Bistro

Have you tried this place yet?  It’s on Westmoreland, near the Falls Church/Arlington border. We’ve been several times and have been pleased all around with pleasant staff and the authentic Mediterranean flavors.  The grilled kabobs, vegetable options, and whole-grain sides with pomegranate seeds garnish seem healthy-ish, and you can usually get a same-day reservation on Open Table.


Nando’s Peri Peri

With locations in Mosaic and Ballston, Nando’s Peri Peri is a convenient stop for  your speedy lunch or dinner.  PERi-PERi is a sauce made from the African Bird’s Eye Chili.  This style of marinated chicken originated in Mozambique, but is now available all over the world.  The restaurant claims the the sauce “culminates in a full-body experience”!  Who doesn’t like that?  You can order online for pickup, too.



What better way to celebrate Spring than to dig into a pupusa at a Salvadoran hole in the wall in Arlington? Yelpers love the food and the price, plus our daughter went last week and said it was great.  It’s a total immersion Salvadoran experience, as one reviewer quipped: “Apparently Salvadorans really like their meat. Where else do they garnish a steak with a piece of sausage?”


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