September Fun Ideas for the Weekend


The Stranger at the State Theatre

I’ve been writing this blog this long enough to see this band come around for the second time this year, but I have to recommend it again! The Stranger, a Billy Joel tribute band, is playing at the State Theatre on Friday night and they want you to sing along!  Which number is your favorite?  I hope they play “Anthony’s Song” and I will definitely be there to find out. 


Sidewalk Seating at Mexicali Blues

It’s technically still summer, so it should be expected that we continue our summer traditions, like consuming tequila and dining outside.  Our old favorite Mexicali Blues in Clarendon is still a good call… their margaritas are fantastic and the outdoor seating is pretty awesome… set back from the sidewalk on Wilson Ave with a few trees for shade.  Yelpers love the pupusas and tacos, and the cheap happy hour specials that run Monday through Thursday.  


Crazy Rich Asian Dinner

With all of the buzz around rich Asians, it’s worth pointing out one of DC’s hottest crazy and Asian ways to spend a lot of money on dinner: the restaurant called Spoken English in the Line in Adam’s Morgan.  The concept is top-notch, asian-inspired small plates served in a Japanese-ish setting, shared amongst yourselves (and possibly strangers) at communal tables, without a single chair in the place.  It does sound crazy, right?! …but people are going absolutely nuts over the whole thing.  You should look into it.


Lost Dog Cafe

Here’s a totally original idea for a rainy and/or blah weekend:  stuff yourself with delicious comfort food and wash it all down with cold beer.  Repeat.  The Lost Dog Cafe is a great option: overstuffed sandwiches, pizza, and a huge selection of craft beers.  Plus, since you can feel like you’re helping sad dogs and cats find happiness, its all that much better.  The Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation, founded by the original owners of the cafe, finds homes for over 2,000 animals per year.  5 locations in NOVA


No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man at the Renwick

Ever since this installation opened in March, tourists and townies alike agree that it’s a must-see.  Based on Burning Man, a bohemian pop-up metropolis of experimental art installations that are built in the desert and then ritually burned to the ground, the exhibit  showcases the festival’s history and artifacts, as well as light sculptures and an interactive memorial.  It’s innovative, immersive and just plain cool, even if you’re not “in” to art.  This weekend is the last chance to see the exhibit in it’s entirety;  the lower galleries will close on Monday.   


Star Wars: A New Hope with the NSO 

Those of us who remember seeing the original Star Wars in the theater may enjoy this grown-up version at the Kennedy Center: the whole movie with the National Symphony Orchestra playing the score.  This is checking so many boxes for wholesome family fun. Here’s the kicker: they are letting people eat popcorn in the Concert Hall!  And selling “special drinks” to “enhance your experience”.  Bravo, Kennedy Center!


Staying In

Maybe you’re in the mood to stay in and watch the weather channel.  In solidarity with our friends down south, I’m sharing a treasured recipe that could not be any more solid: The classic low country supper of shrimp and grits, popularized by the iconic Bill Cook in the beloved Chapel Hill restaurant Crook’s Corner, as reported by the preeminent food journalist Craig Claiborne.  Just this week, an old friend asked me for the recipe because she remembered me making it 20 years ago.  It’s that good, and you’re welcome.  Recipe for Shrimp and Cheese Grits


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