Fun Ideas for March



March in the DC area can be tricky!  It’s good to have some indoor activities up your sleeve, but to be ready to jump outside at a moment’s notice too.


Breakfast All Day

One of my favorite things about March:  Daylight Savings time change!   This year it’s on Sunday March 10, and would be an opportune time to look for an all-day breakfast menu to celebrate.  One of our go-tos for family breakfast is the City Diner near Bailey’s Crossroads… it’s old-school, with a generous breakfast menu so there’s something for everyone, especially if it feels like like noon but it’s actually already 2:00.



Everyone was laughing about the intern scarfing down pizza in the hallway during a recent congressional hearing, and I hadn’t heard of &Pizza before then.  Looked it up on Yelp and it turns out people like the concept:  like a Chipoltle for pizza where you can choose your own toppings and your freshly baked pizza pops out at the register end of the counter.  Could be a good spot to add into the weekend lunch mix, and the Ballston location offers parking too.



This enormous Beer Garden/Coffee House seemed to spring up overnight in the Mosaic District and it looks awesome!!!  Perfect for one of those hint-of-Spring days where you wiggle out of your responsibilities to enjoy a beer (or a latte) outside.  They offer a full menu including breakfast that starts at 6am, plus they’re open until 1am on the weekends so you could really make a day of it if you want to.  Dogs are welcome on the patio.


March Holiday Festivities

District Wharf has you covered for both of your March Holidays.  Start with an early Mardi Gras Celebration on March 2 that features a waterfront parade, festive floats, and bead tossing a, plus a dance party and fireworks at 6pm.  On March 9th you can also get an early start on St. Patrick’s Day with “Ireland on the Wharf” celebration featuring bagpipers, live music, dance performances and a beer garden on District Pier from 1 to 6.  


Escape Room

Something tells me there is going to be some crappy weather this March.  When that inevitable rainy cold weekend rolls around, consider an outing to Yelp’s number one choice of fun things to do in DC:  Escape Room Live DC-Georgetown.   It’s hard to believe, but Escape Room Live ranks above the National Zoo on Yelp’s list of fun things to do in DC. Then again, the “exorcist steps” also beat out the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.   Who are these people?  I’m not sure, but they do seem to enjoy a good escape challenge.  Maybe you should try it too!


Fancy Dinner Downtown

For some reason, my recent browsing around for dinner ideas for you guys seems to steer me to Centrolina in City Center.  First, it features an outstanding female chef who is in the running for a James Beard Best Chef award.  Now I see it’s moving up on the top 100 list. It’s SWANKY though, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.  But if you’d like to enjoy some high end Italian food and wine within spitting distance of a $2000 scarf, this is the place.

As an aside, Peking Gourmet Inn is also  a James Beard semifinalist for service. I was a little surprised to see this.  Does this have anything to do with the ancient man who carves the duck?  Is he still around? This may require to do a little more research. Let us know if you see him!


Have a fantastic March!!!

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