Fun Ideas for April



Yay Spring is here and we’re all ready to get out and start enjoying the season for real.  Let’s go:


Punch Bowl in Arlington

I’ve heard the moms raving about the something-for-everyone nature of Punch Bowl in Arlington… so it’s a gigantic 3-level restaurant with bowling, giant scrabble, Ping pong, karaoke, mini bowling, and vintage arcade games.  Giant portions of bar food and throwback beer in a can, and of course, hummus and cocktails for the mamas.  Not suprisingly, it’s popular and busy.  Grab a reservation on Open Table and/or head over for late lunch.  Oh, and you can park in the Ballston Mall parking garage and walk over.


Hot Lola’s

Did someone say Ballston Mall?  All that construction has kept our family away for a long while, but a recent email featuring a photo of a fried chicken sandwich from Hot Lola’s made me swoon! I’ve been waiting for them to open the new food court so I can get one!  Seriously just look at the photo on their homepage and and try to tell me you don’t want to try one too.  Going.


Easter Service at the Lincoln Memorial

I hear this is actually quite nice, and since Easter Sunday is late this year it could be warmer than usual.  Capital Church in Vienna does the honors, and you can either dress up or not.  Bring a blanket to sit on, though, and leave plenty of time to park:  organizers expect 6,000 people, and they recommend arriving an hour or two before the 6:30 start time.


Cherry Blossom Pop Up Bar

As Washington insiders, I expect you will either have your own secrets for optimal viewing modes and locations for the cherry blossoms, or maybe you bagged the whole thing years ago. This year I’ll be happy to celebrate by stopping by the Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Bar.  Featuring an over-the-top “French fairytale garden” and Japanese-inspired cocktails, plus a ramen room complete with a giant sculpture of ramen and chopsticks, it’s definitely worth seeing.  But hurry because it closes April 21st. 1839 7th St. NW.


Other Festivals

In less wholesome festival news, I noticed that the DC Beer Fest and the National Cannabis Festival are on the same day:  April 20th. You can picture the scene I’m sure: live music, food trucks, etc.  Whew, you have to think that some ambitious people will hit both of these…. but which one first? 


Have a super fun April!

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