Buying a 1950’s Home: Curb Appeal

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Buying a 1950’s Home

Curb Appeal

Are you considering buying a 1950’s home?  Be sure to take a careful look at the curb appeal.  While many 1950s homes have classic lines and good proportions, there are just as many that are square and dull, or even awkward-looking!  The 1959 Cape Cod on Lake Barcroft that we purchased in 2010 was not only square and dull, but it had a gigantic roof that dominated the entire front elevation of the house.

When we bought, we assumed some simple dormers and a front porch would give it the character it lacked.  The design challenge was to create depth and interest, while also creating an updated look.  I wanted great style that felt authentic.  We needed a covered porch, also. 

Our architect offered dozens of combinations of dormers and porches, but none of them looked right.  We finally realized what the house really needed was some width to balance out the height.  So, what I thought was going to be a simple curb appeal project turned into a full-blown addition situation!  Happily, we have no regrets and I’m thrilled to also have a new family area and more sunlight upstairs.

If you are thinking of buying a 1950s house, look carefully at the architectural lines.  If you’re lucky, the curb appeal is already classic and may only need fresh paint.  But beware of the the charmless home… when you are dealing with proportions that are fundamentally flawed, fixing them can be a much bigger deal than you bargained for!

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